Gas-Lock Advisors, LLC


Gas-Lock in a Nutshell

What It Does

Protects the consumer against an increase in the wholesale price of gasoline.

  • This is what the big players do. Most of the variation in gasoline prices over a two-year period come from market forces increasing demand and restricted supply
  • Protects against moves by OPEC
  • Protects against moves by big oil
  • Protects against rising demand in China and other developing nations

Makes things simple for the consumer.

  • No receipts
  • No need to make claims
  • Automatic monthly payments when protection price is exceeded

Empowers the consumer.

  • Allows the consumer to conserve by driving less. They still collect
  • Rewards the consumer for finding the best local price

Rewards the consumer.

  • If taxes are reduced (as states are doing now), the consumer enjoys the price benefit

What Gas-Lock does not do.

  • Protect against price gouging by a specific company or dealer. This is a problem for local or state authorities. We cannot control or protect against it.
  • Protect against state or local tax increases. While this is currently unpopular and unlikely, it is a matter for the ballot box, not Gas-Lock.
  • Make prices equal across the country. Gas-Lock is democratic. It gives the same discount to everyone. If a locality has special transportation or environmental requirements, these differentials continue. It is not up to Gas-Lock to subsidize higher-cost regions at the expense of lower-cost regions.